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A giant leap forward for AI

$3 Billion Tesla V100 from NVIDIA, GTC 2017 Keynote 6 NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang discusses unveils the Tesla V100 GPU accelerator, a giant leap forward for AI and high performance computing.

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Inventions of intuitive AI

What do you get when you give a design tool a digital nervous system? Computers that improve our ability to think and imagine, and robotic systems that come up with (and build) radical new designs for bridges, cars, drones and much more — all by themselves. Take a tour of the Augmented Age with futurist

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Wim Hof is a Dutch world record holder, adventurer and daredevil, commonly nicknamed the Iceman for his ability to withstand extreme coldness. He holds nine world records including a world record for longest ice bath. Wim broke his previous world record by staying for 1 hour 13 minutes and 48 seconds immersed in ice at

Why comfort will ruin your life

After documenting and researching over 50,000 coaching interactions in the workplace, Bill Eckstrom shares life-altering, personal and professional development ideas through the introduction of the “Growth Rings.” The rings illustrate how dangerous it can be to remain in a state of comfort and how being in discomfort is the only way to sustain growth. You’ll be
In Davos 2017, Jack Ma talked about the meeting with Donald Trump and like Trump’s idea of encouraging entrepreneurship, creating jobs and building America.

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Combining aspects of biology and psychology within the context of the human condition, Simon Sinek’s unique approach to leadership has revealed surprising insights on how humans interact in business. His ideas have garnered critical acclaim around the world for their unparalleled potency and usability.
Have you ever wondered why some people achieve their goals consistently, while others fail consistently? Dan Lok wondered this same thing and began a relentless search to find the answer. What he discovered was an invisible force that stops people from achieving their goals. He also discovered a simple way of overcoming this roadblock and